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STEPPERS has always been the ‘wild child’ in the STEPPER EYEWEAR brand portfolio. This positioning is strengthened further with models designed under the creative direction of Saskia Stepper, daughter of STEPPER founder, Hans Stepper.

’New colouring techniques, faster ‘concept-to-market’ times and process innovations allowing for shorter production runs, mean STEPPERS can now be more experimental,’ reveals Saskia Stepper, STEPPER EYEWEAR Ltd. ‘With this freedom, STEPPERS reacts quickly to style trends, appealing to an emerging modern tribe of customers who like spontaneity and are attracted to trying whatever is new.’

‘A STEPPERS is an extension of your personality and style, rather than dictating it,’ explains Saskia. The individual’s design confidence is reinforced by the minimal presence of a logo, with only a small ‘S’ visible on the temple tips.

Whilst looking good, STEPPERS still embraces the company’s ‘comfort and fit’ philosophy.



A ‘CAN DO’ approach to frame design and manufacture pushes the boundaries of eyewear.

More innovation

CUTTING EDGE MATERIALS and DESIGNS are generously applied to the creation of StepperS Frames.

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