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“Comfort comes from understanding the anatomy of the face and creating a frame that works in harmony with the contours”

STEPPER have always produced frames where the emphasis has been on comfort. STEPPER created the ‘design from the bridge’ concept in 1970 to improve the fit and comfort of spectacles. As most of the weight of a pair of spectacles falls on the bridge this is where the STEPPER designers’ care and skill create the perfect fit.

STEPPER frames look great too, with an extensive range to choose from. Timeless metal and plastic styles in women’s, men’s and unisex designs ensure there’s a STEPPER frame for almost everyone.

Our rimless collection has it all: style, quality, durability and desirability.

Good design is backed up with quality materials to create frames that will last. Using advanced materials, namely TX5 (a high performance organic plastic) and Titanium / Beta-Titanium metals ensure the look, feel and longevity of this collection.

Good quality doesn’t come at a premium and STEPPER frames represent good value for money.

“We take a ‘design follows function’ approach to eyewear”

It is this ‘design follows function’ approach to eyewear that is as apparent as ever.

‘‘The main and principle purpose for eyewear is to hold two prescription lenses correctly before the eyes,’ comments Hans. ‘As long as we want to be professionals, we must not indulge in excessive design and fashion aspects ahead of this principle.’’

STEPPER enjoys the role of innovator in materials and manufacture. If STEPPER can also create the most attractive frame in the process, then the manufacturer, optician and wearer are happy.


Through design, material choice, manufacturing process and innovation, STEPPER endeavours to fulfil seven key product characteristics.

Our own quality control and testing facilities allow STEPPER to develop and maintain the highest standards of reliability with any new innovation being rigorously tested before it is presented to the customer.

Our commitment to these SEVEN STEPPER CHARACTERISTICS helps us to deliver our brand promise

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