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Our Story

‘STEPPER has always been changing eyewear for the better. Challenging convention to beat a new path. Delivering effortless vision has always been our main objective.’

Hans Stepper, Founder

STEPPER has been manufacturing eyewear since 1970, but the company’s journey began further back than this when the founder, Hans Stepper, was in his late teens.

Hans Stepper was born in December 1935. His father was an optician with a small shop in Stuttgart, Germany where Hans began his apprentice as a dispensing optician. During this time he showed a keen interest and passion for design and craftsmanship with optical frames, in 1958 he was invited to design and craft bespoke spectacles in Helsinki, Finland.

In 1961 he returned to Germany and successfully completed his professional training with a final graduation as Master Optician.

This experience, his passion and ability to craft eyewear led Hans in a direction the company has been on ever since. What if he could create spectacles himself? But rather than look to conventional, tried and trusted methods of frame manufacture, Hans had become interested in a process that would not have been obvious to most as a method of manufacturing quality eyewear. What emerged in 1970 was the beginnings of the STEPPER we know today.

Since our first frame was made in 1970, STEPPER has been a pioneer. Through innovation and technology, STEPPER has embraced new materials and processes to create exciting and durable eyewear that fits.

Being experts in design, materials and manufacturing, STEPPER delivers eyewear that looks as good as it is comfortable.

The best way to understand a STEPPER is to put one on. As we say, ‘It’s a feeling.’

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